Candidate Pool

At Metro Team Resources (Metro), we are connected with many of the top executives in their respective professions. Our connections stem from many years of industry experience working with people who trust us to assist them in managing their careers as well as those they refer to us. In addition to the guidance and counsel we offer to our candidates, we work diligently to help our candidates advance their personal and professional career aspirations in positions with a organizations that provides them the ability to maximize their unique skills and leverage their potential.

Metro’s understanding of our candidate’s qualifications, abilities, and work experiences enables us to provide the highest caliber of industry professional and “best-fit” possible to our corporate clients – candidates whose profiles truly encapsulate the position’s requirements and who will undoubtedly lead their new employers to outstanding results. The detailed insight that we provide to our candidates about our client organizations insures that they are well prepared to approach their new position and with great clarity and a vision for the future.

Our commitment is to not inundate our clients with a bevy of candidate resumes, but rather provide them with the most fitting and appropriate candidate profiles that best match their needs. As such, clients will receive ONLY candidates from Metro that align culturally and meet the profile worthy of your time. In addition, Metro will ensure that working with our candidates in the sourcing, screening, interview, assessment, and selection process is as easy and efficient as possible, so our clients can continue focusing on operating and growing their business.