Our Approach

At Metro Team Resources (Metro), we begin by gaining an in-depth understanding of our clients’ values, culture and vision, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the specific position(s) they are looking to fill. We then work to craft a detailed candidate profile based on the information gathered.

Thereafter, we will leverage our extensive network of recruiters and industry connections to identify potential candidates that match the specific hiring profile. We conduct a thorough interview of each candidate and develop a skill-match summary highlighting the key alignment points, which is then provided to the client along with a formal resume.

For those clients who prefer greater visibility into the candidate’s interviewing skills, behaviors, and backgrounds, we will incorporate virtual video interviews and/or a face-to-face meeting to supplement our normal process. We will also employ pre-employment assessments, and backgrounds checks as appropriate.

Finally, we will manage the application, candidate interview, selection process, and participate in the offer and acceptance discussion to the extent appropriate.